How do River Cruises Differ from Ocean Cruises?

When finding the right cruise for you, it is useful to keep in mind that while river cruises are similar in many ways to ocean cruises, there are also some big differences. Normally, ocean liners are larger and come with more stateroom features. Thanks to their more substantial size, they are likewise able to hold a lot more passengers.

ship-1578528__340.jpg River ships have a much more familiar atmosphere due to the smaller size, and people frequently find themselves making lots of new friends.

Another important dissimilarity is that river cruises generally do not ever sail a full day, as opposed to ocean cruises which might be at sea for several days at a time. Guests typically get to check out a new port every day. With river cruising, you generally also enjoy an ever-changing mural of breathtaking landscapes from your ship, so the trip itself becomes part of your discovery. For those without sea legs, river cruises have the benefit of smooth sailing, shallow waters and the gift of land that’s always in sight.

Of course, with their bigger size, ocean cruises generally offer additional things like onboard gyms, live performances, and many more possibilities for where and what to eat.

But nearly all river cruises offer inclusive value, which means your Wi-Fi, water, alcoholic drinks and included excursions are covered in the total price.

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Where To Go On A River Cruise

Stepping off ship at one of the places along the way can be a very exciting experience. A unique variety of adventures comes with any European river cruise.

Discover Europe via its graceful waterways and uncover whole new worlds at the heart of your destination city.

Extreme adventurers, fans of history, and those looking for first-hand experience in local ways of life will all enjoy the activities available to them. Take a seat in the most fascinating cultural centers on the continent, learn about history at the ancient landmarks, and take in the beautiful cities and countryside. apartment-1899964__340.jpg You won’t miss a thing since these deluxe cruise liners are agile enough to stop in the smaller ports nearest the main tourist sights and centers of town.

Famed Rivers of France

Travel one of France’s many picturesque rivers and allow it to take you to some of the country’s most prized places. From the legendary food of Lyon and Bordeaux’s most distinguished wineries, to the charm of Paris and Provence, to the historic sights of Normandy, France presents a world of experiences.

See the harbors, vineyards, farms and forests of Aquitaine, at one time Europe’s richest kingdom.

Périgord is home to the legendary Camus Cognac distillery, where you can develop your own individual blend, and offers truffle hunting for adventurous food aficiondos.

Some of the most delicious oysters in the world come from Arcachon in the southwestern area of France.

Sample the delicious red blends crafted in the famous wineries of Saint-Émilion and Médoc or sample the decadent sweet wines of Sauternes.

Whether you choose the Rhône River, the Seine, the Gironde, or the Dordogne, you are in for a treat with France’s culture of decadent food and wine, celebrated works of art, and fascinating history.

Historied Rivers of Germany and Central Europe
Cruises on the Elbe River go through Germany and the Czech Republic on a journey lined by ancient fortifications and medieval villages.

The Mosel River, referred to as the Moselle in France, highlights the German area mostly known for its Riesling wines. If you favor Central Europe, consider a cruise down the Danube to Budapest, the Hungarian city famous for its calming banyas (thermal baths); or to Vienna, where you can take a lesson in the waltz, which became popular in the ballrooms of the Austrian court. People who like to discover areas off the beaten path will enjoy tours to smaller cities such as Passau and Bratislava, while adventurous foodies will enjoy noshing on the delicacies of the regional cuisine.

The Waterways of the Tsars

In Russia you will not want to overlook the splendid cathedral of St. Basil’s or the fascinating architecture of Moscow’s historic Red Square. Enjoy the exceptional collections of the Hermitage Museum, the second biggest museum in the world.

Envision Peter the Great luxuriating in massive Peterhof Palace, then see how many different families shared living space at a Soviet-era kommunalka. Russia has some luscious culinary specialties which you will need to try out when you are there: borscht, pirog, solyanka, blini pancakes, and perhaps the most celebrated, caviar. Numerous peoples shared a role in the story of the Dnieper River: Russian, Ottoman, Jewish, Cossack, Greek, Tatar, and Mongol. street-381227__340.jpg Historic cathedrals and monasteries, Soviet-era monuments, museums and displays of legendary horsemanship, and music and dance dot the river’s banks from Kiev to Odessa.

Portugal's Duoro River Valley
In Portugal you can travel the Douro River to the capital city, Lisbon, with its charming old town and thriving newer neighborhoods with fashionable restaurants, bars, and cafes. Take in a concert of traditional fado singing, then over dinner savor the local culinary delights and delicious wines, including the region’s famous Port.

The Douro River Valley is the world’s oldest demarcated wine appellation and a UNESCO site.

Nordic Wonders
Start out by seeing the breathtaking Nordic sights from the sea before heading to the spectacular Rhine River.

Get started in historic Bergen, a city with strong Viking roots, and set off for Norway’s dramatic fjord landscapes, cruising to scenic Flåm, cosmopolitan Stavanger, history-rich Kristiansand and vibrant Oslo. Skagen, Denmark is known for its sandy beaches in the north; Kinderdijk, Holland is the home of the country’s classic windmills; and Amsterdam is the region’s most vibrant and colorful city.

The fabulous sights and tastes of Germany along its riverways
In Germany, sample local beer and visit the stunning ancient cathedral in Cologne or take a tour of the magnificent Ehrenbreitstein Fortress. A designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, the lovely Middle Rhine should really be high on your list, with stunning old forts, breathtaking churches, charming towns, and rich history.

Pamper yourself in the luxurious spas set in the Black Forest of Germany; visit the spectacular Gothic cathedral in multicultural Strasbourg, France; and tour the celebrated art museum in Basel, Switzerland. Your time off the vessel should be just as absorbing, fun, and indulgent as your time on board.

Immerse yourself in the amazing culture, attractions and food of the places you’ll visit.

Just as each cruise vessel is created to be a distinct and one-of-a-kind experience, each destination is similarly unique and special.

Visiting the Mediterranean

It is thought that coastal Europe was the birthplace of advanced civilization, including democracy, science, art, and wine. By touring its coast, you too can bask in its rich history.

Once you have seen the remarkable landscapes of the Greek Islands and Santorini, sipped cool drinks while lying on the beaches of Italy and Spain, or felt the significance of the historical places in Jerusalem and Greece, you will be forever changed. Ancient Rome is still visible in the city’s Pantheon and Colosseum, and the spectacular St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City is a must-see. Lovers of architectural design will enjoy a stop in Barcelona to see Antoni Gaudi’s memorable work. Some of the world’s top wines can be tasted in Italy’s Chianti region, France’s Provence, or the city of Port in Portugal.

A great destination on the Adriatic coast of Croatia is the gorgeous walled city of Dubrovnik, which was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979.

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