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Many Tastes. Many Tours.

These days, there are so many kinds of tours and respective ports of call to pick from that it seems impossible to decide how you want to travel and where you want to go. You can pick from any kind of transportation to get about, walking or biking are just two of the choices. Maybe you’re more interested in sampling wines or trying interesting foods to delight your pallete. Just how do you best like to travel – solo or with a group?

Is your ideal getaway one adventure after the other? Many re-creation Or, are you more enticed by galleries and museums and cultural outings?

Before you pack your bags...

Prior to closing that luggage, be sure you’ve made all the necessary decisions for your perfect vacation. Let’s begin with the kind of tour that most interests you. There are other decisions you’ll have to make such as whether a group tour is more suitable than vacationing by yourself.

So, regardless of whether you’re a history enthusiast, a ghost hunter, a cheese maker, or an environmentalist, no doubt you’ll find the best tour for you.

A Trip Made for You

Think back to your last eventful trip. What was it that made it so fantastical?

Was it the locale? That was probably a good part of it. But your buddies who went with you made it perfect. Sometimes a nice holiday with your friends and/or family is really all you seek. And sometimes a getaway is a chance to make new friends and even find your soulmate.

Individualize your travel and plan the perfect vacation.
Standard itineraries are always available but creating a specific one for you takes into consideration your time, hobbies and interests and finances. However, organizing a individualized tour that meets all your desires can be slightly exhausting

This is when you want to turn to a specialist. They will give you guidance on planning your family or romantic holidays, the best places to go and how to get there, where to meet like-minded people, and even a whole lot more. Many have unique interests, so individually tailored tour packages are great. They open up possibilities that a group tour simply cannot.

The foodies, adventurers and historians of the world seeking to have a unique travel experience will find that customized travel packages are the ideal way to go.

Wildlife photography is a great illustration of this kind of travel program.

Waiting for that flawless shot can be long and monotonous, and difficult to get from your typical excursion. However, an outing designed for photographers ensures you get as much time as you need to get that shot. This type of program is also great for birdwatchers.

A known quote from author and poet, Robert Lynd, is accurate, “in order to see birds, it is necessary to become a part of the silence”. Birders, as they are known, can spend all the time they need on a private tour looking for that elusive species without having to look at their watches.

Excuse me, do you have the time?
How many days do you plan to take off of work and how far can you extend your finances?

Custom-made tours are 100% flexible and can be designed to meet these specifications. Do you want to go to an event or festival at a specific time of the year?

Travel professionals can help you with all of this. A customized trip means you can enjoy what you really love to do the way you want to do it.

Trips to the Baltic Countries and Scandinavia

A visit to the Baltic states should be included with any Scandinavian cruise, as the region boasts a rich history and enchanting Old Towns thanks to the medieval trading done by the Hanseatic League. The Scandinavian countries of Finland, Norway, and Sweden have bustling modern cities, some of which have been voted the world’s “most livable”.

Let's go Cruisin'!
Norway will appeal to both nature devotees, with its breathtaking fjords, and history buffs, with its fascinating Viking history.

Art lovers will want to stop in Helsinki to see the Art Nouveau and Neoclassical works there, while Tallinn’s unique steeples and rooftops will appeal to architecture buffs, and Stockholm’s “Venice of Scandinavia” is fun for the whole family.

Finally, no trip to the region is done without experiencing the dazzling northern lights. Russia is the largest country on earth and is part of both Europe and Asia. Historical St. Petersburg, Russia, is home to the dazzling Peterhof Palace, something you will not want to miss. History aficionados will want to spend time in Moscow’s iconic Red Square, while foodies might choose to sample blini pancakes with Russian caviar.